Meet the Team


Meet the team behind one of the most chaotic cosplay and pop culture  magazines Australia and New Zealand has to offer. While the team may be small they are each mighty in their own ways. 

Meet Remi 

Remi is the brains and editor-in-chief behind Colin Magazine. She works hard to bring everything to life from wrangling the other members, to making all the big and difficult decisions.

Starting Colin back in 2019 she had the mission to create a place where Australian and New Zealand cosplayers, creators, and all creative weirdos alike could come together and feel inspired, and supported all while having a great time. She loves giving her spiel and if you get her drunk at a party she will talk your ear off about Colin!

Ps. Did we mention her god complex? Pray to her for con crunch strength and cosplay luck!

Meet Jacinta

Jacinta or better known as Hyacinthcos is well-versed in all things pop culture, beauty and skin. As the resident chaotic adventurer, she is often out tackling and experiencing new thrills and quests as our dedicated Colin Tries creator.

Even though she is one of the youngeer member of the group she has over 10 years in the cosplay scene and is still learning how to increase her skills everyday... but can often be found at 3am the night before a con with the trusty hot glue and a dream.

Meet Madi

Madi (AKA Kittenspike) is your resident chaotic-crafter of the crew. She’ll make all the sewing mistakes so you don’t have to, all while torturing Remi with her 2k word article drafts.

When her passion for cosplay began all the way back in 2014 she didn’t realise just how far she’d be dragged into the whirlwind of excitement that is cosplay. From buying, altering, and sewing her own cosplays to running around with some of her favourite people at conventions and photo shoots, Madi loves all aspects of the hobby. She has a blast getting to explore different skills and try lots of new things along the way.

As a well rounded Colin member, you may also find Madi simping too hard over fictional women that could kill her and crying over seals.

Meet Susan

Suzy otherwise known as suzucosplay_ is the resident fashion and aesthetic queen at Colin. What she lacks in sewing skills she makes up for in tenacity, aliexpress shopping, and unwavering belief she can make anything.

She loves exploring different aesthetics and experimenting with styles for Colin’s fashion feature. Suzy especially loves the creative and transformative aspects of cosplay, while also finding unique ways to elevate the looks.

Meet Bella

Bella otherwise known as Psychi.bun is the newest member on the Colin block. She specializes in all things fashion and chaotic cosplay building taking a do as I say and not as I do approach. 

She is well versed in the realm of conceptual styles and has experience in many different genres from adorable Lolita to bringing back the 2000's Myspace Scene Kid. 

Meet Patch-it! 

 A well known face in the Australian cosplay scene Captain Patch-it has been the OG Cosplay Repair since 2014! Often found leaving a trail of chaotic googly eyes and wielding a hot glue gun, Patch it joins the Colin crew as our unofficial intern.