Meet the Team

Meet the team behind one of the most chaotic cosplay and pop culture  magazines Australia and New Zealand has to offer. While the team may be small they are each mighty in their own ways. 

Meet Remi 

Remi is the brains and editor-in-chief behind Colin Magazine, She works hard to bring everything to life from wrangling the other members, to making all the big and difficult decisions.

Starting Colin back in 2019 she had the mission to create a place where Australian and New Zealand cosplayers, creators, and all creative weirdos alike could come together and feel inspired, and supported all while having a great time. When she isn't working on Colin Magazine you can catch her binging anime or putting her cat Milo in cosplay.

Meet Jacinta

Jacinta or better known as Hyacinthcos is well versed in all things pop culture and beauty. But is better known on the team as the resident One Piece addict and will talk your ear off about it if given the chance.

As the youngest member of Colin, she is always keen to try new things and head out on adventures, which is why she is often our go to when sending someone to head out on a new adventure. When she isn't simping over Portgas.D Ace she can be found out trying something new and exciting.


Meet Madi

Madi aka Kittenspike is one of the resident sewers on the Colin Team. Starting her journey in 2015, as many do in the throes of Homestuck and Attack on Titan, with terribly thrifted cosplays and a whole lot of fun with her friends.

Since then she has had a ball learning how to sew her own cosplays, always looking for new techniques and skills to acquire, always challenging herself to do harder and harder things. If there is ever a cosplay conundrum you better bet your bottom dollar Madi will the one to solve it.


Meet Susan

Susan otherwise known as Suzucosplay_ is the resident supreme aesthetic queen at Colin. She specializes in being aesthetic but hectic, and can still be found using her sewing machine in the default setting!

Her special skills include saying heck it and improvising until something works. She has had a long-term interest in cosplay but only entered the game seriously in 2019. She is a big lover of all the creative and transformative aspects of cosplay and often adds her own aesthetic yet chaotic flare.