Smash! Sydney 2022

Image: Cosplayer JP__Cosplay shot by Chuong Photography

When it comes to a con that brings you all the goodness of Anime and mix it with pop culture, cosplay and community you get Smash! Sydney. As our first ever interstate convention we were excited to see all the amazing cosplay, culture and fun Smash! Sydney had to offer and boy did they not disappoint! 

The halls of the convention centre was filled with talented artists, passionate performers, and interesting stalls. You never had to have a dull moment between the range of panels and activities the weekend had to offer. 

Image: Cosplayers Jole_gsi and Onii.meow shot by Chuong Photography

While the artists, panels and stalls were top notch it wouldn't be a convention without the stellar cosplay talent, and boy did they show up for Smash! Flying from all over the country, local cosplay talent filled not only the halls of the con but could be seen surrounding the building, whether that be chilling outside for a bit of fresh air or collaborating and getting photos in the adjacent oriental gardens. 

Image: Cosplayer _ouiboo_ shot by Chuong Photography

It was incredible to see all the hard work and attention to detail that was bought to the con. The passion, love and care could clearly be seen in each and every piece from the stunning wigs to the finishes on the garments. 

Image: Cosplayer Chuun_ie shot by Chuong Photography

Overall Smash! Sydney was a bustling bright weekend full of fun, friends and nerdy goodness. It is no surprise to see why so many cosplayers and pop culture enthusiasts flock to the Sydney convention halls each year and we will 100% be back! 

See ya next time Sydney xx