Smash! 2023 - A weekend of idols, anime and fun

Colin Magazine Team in their Arknights Cosplays at Smash! Jacinta wears Texas, Remi wears a Pozyomka cosplay and Susan wears a Lappland cosplayImage by Pireze

Last weekend, Sydney was engulfed in a whirlwind of colour, creativity, and contagious energy as Smash! descended upon the city. This annual extravaganza left attendees in awe with its remarkable lineup of guests, unforgettable performances, and a vibrant community that brought their A-game to the convention floor.

The stage was set for an unforgettable weekend as cosplay enthusiasts flocked to the Smash!  held at the International Convention Centre Sydney. With attendees numbering in the thousands, it was clear that this event had captured the hearts of fans from near and far.

One of the biggest highlights of the event was the presence of the sensational Ladybeard. This charismatic performer wowed the crowd with an epic and energetic performance that left jaws dropping and cameras flashing. Their stage presence was simply unmatched, leaving a lasting impression on all lucky enough to witness it firsthand, did we mention he included a wrestling match mid performance!

The stakes were high at the World Cosplay Summit (WCS) Preliminary round, where Australia's finest cosplayers battled it out for a chance to represent Australia on the global stage. The tension was palpable as the 2024 Team Australia was crowned, EmeraldLKing and Cat_lady_Amy taking on the prestigious role at next year's World Cosplay Summit in Japan. Their talent and dedication were evident, making them worthy representatives of Australia's vibrant cosplay community.

Team Australia with their award of invitation

The convention also showcased an array of incredible local idol talent, with mesmerizing performances that transported the audience into a world of rhythm and melody. From captivating dance routines to powerful vocal performances, these talented idols left an indelible mark on the hearts of all those in attendance.

But it wasn't just about the star-studded guests and jaw-dropping performances. The artist alley at Smash! was a treasure trove of creativity, showcasing the immense talent and craftsmanship of the anime community. Attendees had the opportunity to admire and purchase exquisite handmade pieces, accessories, and artwork, ensuring they could take a piece of the convention magic home with them.

The Smash! wasn't just an event; it was a gathering of kindred spirits who shared a love for all things cosplay. The vibrant and diverse community that came together made the convention a truly immersive and unforgettable experience. Everywhere you turned, you could spot iconic characters brought to life with meticulous attention to detail and boundless enthusiasm.

Now, as the dust settles and the memories linger, a rallying cry can be heard among enthusiasts: #makeMmashhappen! A playful joke reminds us that the time has come to petition for the grandeur of Smash! to grace the city of Melbourne. Who knows? Perhaps the next chapter of this incredible event will unfold in the bustling streets of Melbourne or even Brisbane, bringing even more cosplay magic to Australian shores (Probably not but a girl can dream right?!). 

Smash! has left an indelible mark on Sydney's cosplay community, and its legacy will undoubtedly continue to inspire and ignite the passion of cosplayers for years to come. Until the next chapter unfolds, we eagerly await the next opportunity to immerse ourselves in the enchanting world of Smash!