Pax is One Week Away! Time to Get Planning!

Get ready, gamers, because the most anticipated event of the year is just around the corner! In just one week, Melbourne will play host to Pax, the grand gaming extravaganza that's set to take the city by storm. As the countdown begins, it's time to start gearing up and planning your epic weekend. From exploring the latest in gaming technology to indulging in the tastiest of cuisine and discovering some new epic threads, there's no shortage of exciting activities to dive into during this year's Pax season in Melbourne. So, mark your calendars and prepare for an unforgettable gaming adventure in the heart of Australia's cultural capital.

Plan your Pax weekend with the Pax app available from all your favourite download spots. We highly recommend that you download this, so that you have all the PAX Aus information, quite literally, at your fingertips and can map out your plan of attack for the weekend. 

You can also check out the PAX Aus World Map so that you can navigate your way around the Convention and Exhibition Centre - see it here.


Need to refresh your wardrobe before the busy weekend takes off? The epic legends at Living Lewd, Soytoy Club and Lmirl are hosting a pop up coined Sunday Tokyo Market at Emporium from October 5th! 



Has the Netflix live action got you throwing on your straw hat and endeavouring to be king of the pirates? Then fuel up at the One Plus Piece Cafe for breakfast or lunch! With two legendary locations at Melbourne Central and Balwyn, and a menu that will even make Sanji envious, it's the perfect place to grab a feed and who know you might just find the One Piece! (probably not but a girl can dream). Did we mention the Colin Team are regulars?! We just can't get enough of their delish burgers.



The sea shanties have ended and pax have closed their doors for the night but you want to keep the good vibes rolling? Why not grab a bevy or two (non alcoholic drinks are available) and check out Fortress Melbourne! You can find good vibes, good food and a great atmosphere, so you can party the night away or at least until it's time to reload and revive to head back to Pax!