PAX Aus Announces Massive Monster Storytime Speaker


PAX Aus this week has announced award-winning game creator Julian Wilton, Creative Director of Massive Monster, as the Storytime Speaker for PAX Aus 2024! Thats right, time to collect your devotion the cult master himself is coming to PAX Aus! 

Julian created and sold his first console game at 17 and hasn't slowed down since. While studying design at university, he continued to develop games to support himself. In 2016, he co-founded Massive Monster with two friends. The studio has since produced over fifty games, including the legendary and multi-award-winning 'Cult of The Lamb,' which captivated the world in 2022, and ‘Adventure Pals,’ the 2016 PAX Aus Indie Showcase winner.

Julian’s Storytime session will open PAX Aus 2024 in the main theatre at midday on Friday, October 11th, where he will share his journey into game development, the success of Massive Monster, and their major publishing deal with UK publisher Devolver Digital.

But that’s not all—PAX Aus is also thrilled to welcome Canadian voice actor Mark Meer, best known for his role as Commander Shepard in the Mass Effect series. Mark's voice is also featured in many other BioWare games (including the Baldur’s Gate and Dragon Age series), Hinterland Studio's The Long Dark, WB Games' Gotham Knights, and Beamdog's MythForce. A tabletop fan, Meer has been involved in several RPG series, including Call of Cthulhu: Bookshops of Arkham and its sequel Graveyards of Arkham, and as a guest on series such as Wizards of the Coast's Dungeons & Dragons Ravenloft stream The Black Dice Society, Vampire the Masquerade: L.A. by Night, Pod by Night, RealmSmith, and Idle Champions.

Following his popular appearance at last year’s PAX Aus, John Robertson and The Dark Room are back to entertain with the world’s only live-action video game. Like Wilton, John Robertson began his stand-up comedy career at 17. He now tours the world with The Dark Room, an interactive, deranged cyberpunk comedy game show that has sold out shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and other festivals globally. Critics have described The Dark Room as ‘chaotic, thrilling and completely unmissable.'

More talent, entertainment, and fascinating panels are being lined up, along with many beloved titles and publishers. The PAX Aus team is hard at work to bring another incredible event to Australia’s passionate gaming community. And yes, nobody panic—Sea Shanties will be back!

With three-day badges already sold out, we advise you to act quickly to avoid missing out on the ultimate celebration of all things gaming. PAX Aus 2024 will take place on October 11th-13th at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC). For more information and badges, visit the official website or follow the official PAX Aus socials on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Discord, Threads, and TikTok.