How To Participate In The Cosplay Community

Like board games, KFC, and fighting the forces of evil, cosplay is better with friends. There are lots of ways you can participate in the community and make friends, and hey, if you’re in cosplay, you probably already have a good icebreaker! Here’s a guide on how to find those like-minded people and you’ll be making too many cosplans together in no time.

Join a cosplay group

Ranging from idol groups to survey corps to straw hat pirates to Karasuno high - there’s a group for any anime. Find them, join in on the fun where you have an assigned character to cosplay together! Makes for amazing photoshoots with a complete set of characters.

Share the love

Like, comment and share the cosplayers you enjoy! Be their fan and they’ll be sure to return the favour. Have genuine interactions and contribute to the supportive and wholesome community.

Join Facebook groups and communities

You can find people wanting to make groups for photoshoots, participate in conversations, share your creations and find others with similar interests. If you’re a creator you can share your work or find someone to commission, get cheap second-hand cosplays, organise and attend meetups - the opportunities are endless. 

Create together

Have an idea for a photoshoot? Hit up a photographer and other cosplayers and make some magic together. Start a group and arrange a shoot together or share your ideas to see who’s interested!  

Attend events and conventions

Conventions may seem like a far off, distant memory, but we’ll get back there and they’re one of the best ways to meet people and participate in the community! Meet people in person who have similar interests to you (cosplays are usual a good indication) and make connections! You never know who will end up as your long time friends.