How To: 3 Tips For Cosplay Storage

No matter your alignment - lawful boxes vs. chaotic floordrobe - here are some tips to keep your cosplays together (no hot glue necessary).

Picture this - your Uber is minutes away, you’re missing that one brooch/accessory/ear/ shoe, your eye and contact lens have refused to see each other anymore - it's madness, chaos, madness. Fear no more, for with the power of some ziplock bags and a little tenacity, this guide will give you some tips on keeping your cosplay bits together so you can evolve from hectic to aesthetic.

1. Use the bags your wigs came in for storage

You know that instinct that compels you to keep plastic bags in a drawer because they’ll come in use someday? Hone into it and keep the shipping ziplock bags your wigs came in for easy storage.

Fold the wigs into themselves to keep them neat and store them in the bag. This will keep them away from props/zips/clothing that can snag or tangle them - then you can store them all together.  

2. For styled wigs, use foam heads to maintain their shape

Honor the 2 full cans of hairspray used for styling and store your wigs on foam heads to maintain their shape for longer. Find them at Daiso - great to display your fandoms/love for disembodied heads while also allowing your wig fibres to stay put.  

3. Box, box, boxes

Keep all your cosplays in one location with some sturdy boxes - it will prevent other items from squishing your costumes and wigs while storing them securely. You can stack them a location for easy storage, or if you don’t have a lot of floor space you can get flatter boxes to keep under your bed.

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