Crunchyroll Expo: The Promise of Anime and Lines

As one of the world's biggest providers of anime, waifus and all things weeby goodness, it was no surprise anime lovers across Australia were overjoyed at the news Crunchyroll Expo was heading down under for its first-ever Australian convention in Melbourne.

Aussie weebs were so excited in fact the event tickets sold out, with many fans flying in from across the country to attend the debut event. Excited for the promise of anime, merch and entertainment awaited ticket holders as they packed their con bags, threw on their best nerdy fit and headed off. But what awaited them was frustrating long lines, poor weather conditions and empty booths.

With the event hall at capacity, many attendees were left in the cold and rainy Melbourne weather for hours on end only to be turned away or denied entry.

Those lucky enough to make it inside the event hall were faced with loud ear drum shattering music and empty booths.

Day 2 of Crunchyroll Expo did see much-needed changes with lines bought indoors to save con-goers from the cold and with doors opening early lines moved at a more consistent pace. 

While its debut event was filled with chaos and frenzy, the innate potential was there.  Offering out-of-the-box ideas otherwise not seen at other Australian cons, Crunchyroll Expo with a little more forethought and careful planning could be one of Australia’s best conventions, even rivalling that of gaming con giant Paxaus. Although hugely missing the mark this time (well that’s unless you actually enjoy larping as a queue enjoyer) the potential is there.

We hope 2023 provides Aussie weebs with the Crunchyroll Expo they deserve and we hope at least this weekend they were at least able to make some friends along the line.