Christmas Gift Ideas for the Cosplayer and Pop Culture lovers in your life!

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Step into the realm of geekdom and embrace the quirks and quirksome! Whether you're shopping for a cosplayer, pop culture maven, or a certified nerd, our gift guide is your shortcut to scoring major brownie points. We have scoured the nerdy universe to bring you the coolest, quirkiest, and downright unique gifts. Get ready to be crowned the Gift Guru among your  friends!

For the Board Game Enthusiasts: 

board games from VR Distributions including Heard Mentality, Catan and The Chameleon

Catan - You aren't a real board game lover until you have played the ever so popular Catan. This game of trading and expansion is about players gathering resources and building the biggest settlements on the a fictional island. Available for purchase at Kmart, Target, most game stores,

Herd Mentality - This party game is great addition to any board game lovers rotation. Guaranteed to have you in stitches, Heard Mentality is a game where you need to think like the crowd to win. Bonus! You get to yell Moo at your friends when they take too slow. Available at Kmart, most game stores, 

The Chameleon - Described as a social deduction game, the games are about spotting-the-imposter and about blending in and not getting caught, as the name of the game suggests. (Available at Kmart, most game stores,

 For the Aesthetic but Hectic

SuperLove Croc Charms

SuperLove Croc Charms - If you  have a bestie who is currently living in their Crocs then help them add a little bit of Kawaii with SuperLoves Crocs charm sets. Prices range from $4 - $20 AUD and are available online at

Milky Sensei Strawberry Milk Crop TopMilky Sensei Kawaii Milk Club CropSweeten up your wardrobe with the Kawaii Milk Club Crop in Strawberry! This crop is a burst of fruity goodness, showcasing a delightful strawberry milk box on the front and adorable vending machine design on the back. Express your love for all things cute and sweet, and turn heads with this summer wardrobe essential.  RRP is $49 AUD but will be on sale for Black Friday for $44.10 AUD. Available online at

Homemade accessories by Gold7

Gold7 Homemade accessories - Want to gift your friend something so adorable they will want to eat it!!! Introducing Gold7 Homemade, where all of her cute pieces are carefully handcrafted. Prices range from $25-$65 so there is something for any budget. You can order these via DM at

 For the Cosplayer

Illustris cosplay companion

Illustris Models Cosplay CompanionThe Cosplay Companion is a cosplayers trusty pocket planner containing 145 interior pages dedicated to planning out their cosplay from concept to costume - there are enough pages to plan out 10 whole cosplays! The cosplay companion also sports cardstock front & back covers, cosplan lists, skill lists, reference pages with handy info and more to boost your skills AND your organisation.  Available online at

For the Artist Alley Fiend 

Double Ds art

Double Ds Laser cut art and "Rock Pokemon" - Do you need a gift that will make even a Karen stop and giggle, then Double D's "Rock Pokemon" is the gift you have been searching for. And if Rock Pokemon aren't for you then wow with their stunning laser cut art. Rock Pokémon are $25 for plain and $40 for coloured. Laser cut set is $65 for large and $25 for small and can be purchased via Instagram DM over at