Best Party Boardgames for those Winter Get-togethers


With the cooler months well and truly upon us, there is no better time to gather your friends, crank the heater and play some board games over a warm cup of coco (or mulled wine for our over 18 readers). And with the Toy Catalogue currently in full swing why not score a board game bargain! Here are some of our favourite games to play with friends. 

Herd Mentality - by Big Potato Games - is a great addition to any board game lovers rotation. Guaranteed to have you in stitches, Heard Mentality is a game where you need to think like the crowd to win. Bonus! You get to yell Moo at your friends when they take too slow. Available at Kmart, most game stores,  

Dumb Questions To Ask Your Friends - by Big Potato Games -  is this year’s ultimate party starter, players have to guess which question their friend has answered from their answer. With 400 dumb questions to ask, this is hilarious fun and a great way to find out more about your nearest and dearest. Available at Kmart, JB HiFi, most game stores and 

Throw Throw Burrito - by Exploding Kittens - is one of this writers favourite games. Combining a card game and dodgeball this party game will have you and your friends out of your seats and working up a sweat as you try to collect matching sets of cards faster than your opponents while simultaneously ducking, dodging, and throwing squishy airborne burritos. Available at Kmart, Big W, JB HiFi, EB Game.

Zombie Kittens - by Exploding Kittens - Introducing Zombie Kittens: a new version of Exploding Kittens, doubling as an expansion for any deck. It combines classic Exploding Kittens with a game-changer: Player Resurrection! Featuring fresh artwork and cards, Zombie Kittens injects new life into your gameplay. Are you ready to rise from the undead and conquer the apocalypse? Available at Target, Amazon and all good game stores.

Let’s Hit Each Other with Fake Swords - by Exploding Kittens - Are you a fan of Throw Throw Burrito and Larp? Then Let’s Hit Each Other with Fake Swords might just be the game for you as it is the world’s first sword-fighting card game. Determine the winner by collecting cards and engaging in clever sword-fighting duels. Available from all good game stores.

Thanks to our friends at Rocket Comms and Exploding Kittens we are giving away Let's Hit Each Other with Fake Swords! to one lucky winner! For more information head over to our Instagram here.