A Weekend of Festive Cheer

When it comes to bringing the community together one need look no further than the epic team at Oz Comic Con. After a busy year of kick-ass cons and bringing cosplay, megastar guests, and all things geeky and fun together, they really said Nah lets do 1 more and bought together Oz Comic Con Xmas. 

An iteration of their successful pandemic-born homegrown events, Oz Comic Con Xmas promised to bring attendees all the things they loved with a festive flare. 

As with their homegrown events Oz Comic Con Xmas was smaller than the usual con and was held at the Melbourne Showgrounds, but you know what they say about size! Although small Oz Comic Con packed a punch and felt full and lively with all the artists, events and food options. 

The smaller event size and space also allowed for easy navigation so you could quickly move from one part of the con to your favourite panel or stage event, which meant you could easy get in a good artist alley shopping haul in between stages. 

The event itself felt community-focused with a greater spotlight on cosplay and local talent with multiple stages for them to perform, interact and showcase their skills. 

The cosplayers as usual really bought the festive cheer with many donning Christmas hats and accessories. 

Overall Oz Comic Con Xmas was a fantastic way to finish up the 2022 con season with a little holiday cheer and a whole lot of community love.